Teesside Learning Trust was established in September 2016. It is comprised of four schools, two Primary; Badger Hill and Whitecliffe Primary Academies, and two secondary, Freebrough and Thornaby Academies.

We are driven by our shared ambition and values. The children and young people in our Academies are at the heart of what we do. We are passionate about developing outstanding provision that leads to outstanding outcomes. We cannot do that in isolation but through engaging parents, business partners and the local community to be part of the planning and delivery of high quality support to our students. We feel we have the ambition, opportunities, and the system leadership needed to do this across a group of academies.

Our aim is to be an outstanding provider of education. The ethos and vision for our academies is communicated through our high expectations and a culture that accepts no excuses for underperformance. We will:

• Raise standards in all of our academies by continually improving the quality of educational provision and life chances of all of our children and young people.

• Continually improve our capabilities and capacity to ensure that the quality of what we deliver and procure is always of the highest standard.

• Develop our own high quality teachers and leaders through careful succession planning and high quality professional development.

• Deliver the best possible central services to academies so heads and principals can use their skills, knowledge and expertise to concentrate on their core purpose, teaching and learning, not on administration.

• Lead and manage a successful and innovative group of academies, delivering outstanding progress and above average results.

• Ensure that all of our academies have a positive, calm, well-disciplined and purposeful environment with our pupils taking a pride in themselves and their academy.

• Develop positive pupil attitudes so they take responsibility for their actions, respect staff, respect other pupils, respect their community and become confident, well-educated and purposeful citizens.

The primary and secondary membership of the Trust ensures that we have the expertise and the opportunity to address the issues of continuity and progression throughout all stages of education from Early Years through to 16 Years. We will ensure that our children and young people have the best foundations for learning, which we build upon at each phase.

The Trust is led by a strong and passionate group of Members and Trustees who bring a wide range of experience, expertise and commitment to their role. They are passionate about making a difference to the lives of our students and to the communities in which our Academies serve.

We hope that our website gives you the opportunity to find out about Teesside Learning Trust and inspires you to want to know more.

Trust Information Document

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Strategic Priorities

High quality leadership and governance

High quality teaching and learning

High performing workforce

Safe and respectful culture

Outstanding progress

Effective organisations providing value for money

Our Schools

Badger Hill Academy

The curriculum for all children at Badger Hill is broad and balanced and aims to promote the spiritual, moral, cultural, intellectual and physical development of children and prepare children for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life

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Freebrough Academy

We continuously aim to improve student outcomes by focusing on quality first teaching which is supported through our innovative curriculum and Business and Enterprise specialism. Our dedicated staff are passionate in motivating and inspiring high aspirations in our students.

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Thornaby Academy

At Thornaby Academy the intention to achieve is clear in conduct and appearance. Students and teachers have high standards for themselves and others. Students are all equally valued and can succeed in all aspects of society locally, nationally and on a global scale.

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Whitecliffe Academy

It is our aim that children fulfill their potential in all areas of school life. To support this, we provide an exciting, varied, well balanced curriculum; that promotes the development of key skills combined with many opportunities to apply learning across a range of subjects.

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