Medical Matters

Most pupils will at some time have a condition requiring medication. For many the condition will be short term—perhaps the duration of a short absence from school. However, although a child may soon be well enough to be back at school, medication may perhaps be still required during the school day for a short period. In such cases, parents or carers must fill in a medication form, giving us details of the child’s condition and prescribed medication, and bring the medication to school in a secure, labelled container. Records will be kept of all medication received and administered by the school.

If children have long term medical needs we will do everything we can to enable them to attend school regularly.

Children who need to use an inhaler must give their inhalers to the school office. They will have access to this at all times.

In the event of a child becoming ill or having an accident at school we need to contact parents and carers quickly. You are requested to provide us with contact details when your child begins at Badger Hill and to inform us as soon as possible if these details change.