Ofsted Report – “This school continues to be good”

Key Points from our Ofsted Report July 2016

The schools work on the rights of the child has contributed to a positive culture where pupils show respect for one another and adults. Pupils across all phases demonstrate a high level of concentration as a result of stimulating teaching and clear classroom routines. House points and other rewards encourage positive behaviour but clear sanctions are in place when needed. Pupils have the confidence to contribute to discussion and participate in activities. Pupils believe that bullying is extremely rare and that if it did occur, teachers would take effective action to address this. Pupils and parents believe behaviour is good and this was evident in the orderly atmosphere in classrooms and on corridors. Pupils enjoy school and this is further reflected in their good levels of attendance which are above the national average.

Pupils feel safe and could talk about the actions teachers take to help them to keep safe, such as their work on internet and road safety. The school follows the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and pupils act as Rights Counsellors to put these values into practice. Parents value the warm and caring ethos in a school that is a happy place to be.

Staff plan lessons rigorously, providing clear guidance and structures that help pupils learn. Planning takes account of pupils abilities and work is set that enables pupils to make good progress. Teachers share non-negotiable expectations for writing with pupils and this is contributing to consistently high standards of writing across the school.

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Ofsted Report July 2016