School Meals

School meals are provided by Creative Management Services and cost £2.05 per day.

Children who have a school dinner are given the option of a hot or cold meal and are encouraged to try new foods. They are also helped to select food to create a balanced meal Parents of children about to start full time school are invited to have a school dinner with their child. All children in UFS,Y1 and Y2 will be entitled to a Free School Meal each day. Here is an example of the school meal menus available at Badger Hill.

Children who do not wish to have school lunches may bring a healthy packed lunch. We ask that parents do not send sweets or fizzy drinks with a packed lunch. We do have children with nut allergies in school and would therefore ask that no nut products (eg peanut butter/ fruit and nut cereal bars) are included in packed lunches.

A free meal is supplied to some Y3, 4, 5 and 6 children by reason of parent’s income level, in accordance with scales laid down by the LA at Kirkleatham Street, Redcar. Please ask at the office if you think you may be eligible.

Administration for school meals is handled by our office staff. Parents could help by:

  • sending money on MONDAY mornings
  • sending the correct change
  • completing the envelope details

Changing from school meals to packed lunch (and vice versa)

  • Please let us know by letter or telephone. If you do not inform us that your child has moved to sandwiches, a meal will still be ordered for your child. School has to pay for every meal ordered. If you have not cancelled the meals, you will be responsible for paying for them.
  • Please give us one week’s notice of any change
  • The change should be at least for half a term