At present the school is organised as follows:

Executive Head Teacher: Mrs S McCallum
Head Teacher (Designated Safeguarding Lead): Mrs L Crowe
Assistant Head Teacher (SENDCO, KS1 & Literacy Lead): Mrs N Morgan

KS2, E-Safety & Maths Lead: Mr D Davies
EYFS and Creative Curriculum Lead: Mrs K McCarron
Science Lead: Mrs S Brook

Nursery: Miss Coxon, Mrs Bullock and Miss Ash
Reception: Mrs McCarron, Mrs Melling and Miss Broadley
Year 1: Miss Birch and Mrs Tierney
Year 2: Mrs Morgan, Mr O’Shea, Mrs Foster and Mrs Brown
Year 3: Miss Lanaway and Mrs Shaw
Year 4: Mrs Lyth and Mrs Gilkes
Year 5: Mr Davies and Mr Brown
Year 6 Miss Archard, Mrs Brook and Mrs Dallara

Mrs Shaw works with children across the whole academy.

Social and Emotional Mentor: Mrs Stephenson
Office Staff: Mrs Langley
Attendance Officer: Mrs McQuade
Care Taker: Mr Shimwell
Dinner Ladies: Mrs Bullock, Miss Ash, Mrs Scott, Mrs Gilding and Mrs Dowey

All the children have equal access to the curriculum in an environment that fosters friendship, co-operation and high quality learning. The quality of teaching and commitment of all the staff ensures a high standard of education at Badger Hill. As an academy we celebrate our commitment to inclusion.