Academy Priorities

It is our ambition to be an Outstanding Academy.

This will ensure that we secure outstanding provision and outcomes for all of our students.

Our Priorities 2018-2019 to achieve this:

Effectiveness of Leadership and Management

  • Governance: Ensure governance provides high quality strategic support and direction to the leadership and management of the Academy to secure outstanding outcomes
  • Leaders in School: Ensure leaders at all levels self-evaluate accurately, and ensure the consistency and quality of teaching, learning and assessment
  • Parental engagement: Through our Parents Forum and improved communication, further develop parental support and high levels of confidence and engagement in our school

Safeguarding: Personal Development, Behaviour & Welfare

  • Attendance: Improve attendance to above 96% ensuring attendance remains above National Average throughout the year whilst Persistent Absence reduces below 13%. Ensure timely, accurate and lesson by lesson registration
  • Behaviour management: Raise staff expectations of behaviour, and implement clear, consistent and effective behaviour strategies to eliminate low-level disruption and in turn reduce fixed-term exclusions
  • Student dispositions: To effectively develop the qualities required in students to allow them to take PRIDE in the presentation of themselves and their work. Develop resilience in the face of challenges, show independence in their work in the academy and at home with a drive to succeed.

Quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment

  • Teacher expectations: Raise teacher expectations of all pupils, particularly those in Key Stage 3 and the most able
  • Planning: Ensure teacher planning builds on prior learning, meets the needs of all students, builds in purposeful assessment and provides an engaging and varied range of activities that stretch all students
  • Assessment: Ensure the quality, accuracy, consistency and use of assessment across the school
  • Homework: Ensure the provision of quality, meaningful homework that develops independent learning and accelerates the progress of all students

Outcomes for Learners

  • Year 11: Rapidly improve the provision for Year 11 and accelerate the attainment progress of all pupils, in all subjects, and in particular Math, English, Science and the Humanities
  • Disadvantaged: Ensure outcomes for disadvantaged students, particularly those of high ability improve so that gaps with all other pupils nationally close
  • High Ability: Through higher expectations and improved provision, secure outcomes for high ability students that are at least in line with high ability students nationally