Our Ethos, Values and Expectations

Our Ethos – Freebrough Academy learners demonstrate PRIDE. 

At Freebrough Academy we believe that all students should be rewarded for their effort and for taking on the challenges presented to them in classroom. Applying maximum effort to a task is ultimately what will lead to success both personally and academically.

At Freebrough Academy we reward the efforts of our students by celebrating the PRIDE that they take in their learning. We promote positive attitudes to learning and conduct through our three
Academy rules: be safe, be ready and be respectful.

Our Values 

  • Presentation – Our students strive to ensure the work they do is the best they can possibly achieve. Effectively using positive growth mind-set language in all aspects of Academy life.
  • Resilience – We offer challenge to our students so that they have the opportunity to develop the qualities of grit, and determination when they are faced with challenges in their learning. Their mistakes are celebrated as part of their learning journey to success; students are encouraged to demonstrate a growth mind-set mentality.
  • Independence – Our students understand that they are the driving force behind their learning journeys. They must seek out opportunities and take advantage when offered to improve, understanding going the extra mile is the key to being successful.  Through these efforts they develop effective brain building behaviour.
  • Drive – We promote a passion for lifelong learning through a real breadth of opportunities and enrichments to allow all students to progress successfully to the next stage in their education or career path. Again encouraging students to demonstrate grit and the willingness to go ‘above and beyond’
  • Excellence –Our students are striving for excellence in all that they do both inside and outside of the classroom.


Through our three expectations we aim to nurture such qualities as resilience, grit and pride to inspire success and excellence in our students; who are committed to creating a sense of community, belonging and team ethos.

Our three clear expectations of students are that every day they show PRIDE at Freebrough Academy by:

  • Being Ready
  • Being Respectful
  • Being Safe

Students demonstrate this by following the code of conduct:

  • Be fully equipped for every lesson and arrive on time
  • Respect each other and our environment
  • Follow instructions and focus on learning
  • Strive to achieve our targets and perform to our very best
  • Be responsible members of our community and represent the Academy in a positive way


Promoting Positive Behaviour

Our students want to be the best that they can be and this is acknowledged through our rewards system, which is based on our PRIDE values: Where students demonstrate these values in lessons and around the Academy they will be rewarded in a number of ways:

  • PRIDE points – Students demonstrate on a day-to-day basis that they are acting responsibly by collecting PRIDE points. PRIDE points are awarded to students through a digital web based system called ‘Class Charts’. You can see the number of PRIDE points that your child has on their most recent academic report and on our parent app. Each term we would like to reward our students for their efforts by awarding our Pride Awards.
  • PRIDE flyers – students who demonstrate PRIDE in their learning may also receive a PRIDE flyer from their teacher or a member of staff to take home in addition to receiving PRIDE points.

Where a student does not promote positive behavior staff will follow the Academy’s Behaviour for Learning Policy. Staff will follow the procedure below when challenging poor behavior:

  • De-escalation strategies
  • Structured 30 second conversation
  • C1 – Formal reminder of expectations
  • C2 – Second formal reminder of expectations
  • C3 – Formal warning and reflection time – this will be logged on class charts as a negative point
  • C4 – Removal from lesson and catch up – this will be logged on class charts as a negative point and students will be expected to attend a catch up session to complete missed learning
  • C4 + A formal detention


We believe that doing homework on a regular basis helps students develop important skills. By becoming more independent in their learning they will benefit more from their time at the Academy.

The Academy will:

  • Ensure students are set homework on a regular basis and in manageable amounts
  • Set tasks which are suitable and achievable within the time available
  • Provide homework which relates to the work being done in the Academy
  • Mark homework and give feedback to students
  • Ensure that homework is at an appropriate level of difficulty for the students
  • Provide suitable facilities for homework tasks to be carried out at the Academy

Mobile Phones, MP3 Players and iPods

Whilst the Academy accepts that mobile phones, MP3 players and iPods are now a part of everyday life, we do not permit mobile phones and devices to be seen or heard between the hours of 8.30 am and 2.45 pm.

There are increasing difficulties both locally and nationally with text bullying, students using mobiles to take videos in schools and then posting it onto sites such as YouTube, bullying on sites such as Facebook and students listening to music whilst teachers are trying to deliver lessons.

To avoid such issues at Freebrough Academy we ask parents and carers to support us with the following:

  • Students are not permitted to use mobile phones between the hours of 8.30 am. and 2.45 pm anywhere on the academy site
  • These items will be confiscated from any student who is found using them on the Academy site
  • Parents/carers will need to collect the confiscated items from the Academy and agree future conduct in relation to these items


Freebrough Values – The journey so far…


Freebrough became a Business and Enterprise Academy. Over two years we worked in tutor time and through ‘Enterprise Days’ to look at the skills and qualities needed to enter the business world or to become an entrepreneur.

Students designed ‘Zenny Zeebrough’ our business mascot, accompanied by the hooves of enterprise.




The Sport and Health Faculty organised an enterprise day, based around creating an Olympic Village. This led to further work on the Olympic values. Students researched the seven values of: friendship, respect, excellence, determination, inspiration, courage and equality. Students created posters to show how they could use values on a daily basis both in and out of the Academy.

This led to the creation of ‘FRED ICE’ who is now Freebrough’s mascot bear.



Freebrough introduced the concept of ‘Growth Mindset’ to students. Students completed mindset questionnaires and through assemblies we looked at what how this could be applied in lessons. To take it a step further we introduced the ‘Learner Enhancement Effectiveness Programme’. Staff planned a ‘LEEP’ training day to develop students understanding of: brainology, resilience, grit and language. This provided students with the tools they needed to develop their own growth mindset and to become better learners.

Summer 2016

Freebrough decided to review and reflect on the values that we had put in place. Students were asked to take FRED ICE on a journey to show the values in action, then using the idea of the five Olympic rings, students had to recreate the rings and place the four values that they felt were most important in the rings. For the fifth ring students had to come up with a new value that represented the Academy from 2016 onwards.

It was very difficult to choose one value as students came up with so many fantastic ideas, they had taken concepts from: LEEP, SMSC, learner qualities, and how they wanted the community to see the Academy.

One value that stood out was PRIDE, after speaking to students they felt we could merge values. So we came up with:

Presentation – of uniform, language and work

Resilience – showing grit, determination and celebrating mistakes

Independence – working hard in lessons, at tutor time and at home

Drive – having passion for learning, enrichment and the future

Excellence – attendance, progress and effort