Why Choose Freebrough?

At Freebrough Academy our motto is: Daring Greatly Learners demonstrate PRIDE.

Daring greatly learners will go above and beyond and see the need to work hard even when it is difficult. A quote from Theodore Roosevelt shows “if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly”.

We hope our learners show this through the following values:

  • Presentation
  • Resilience
  • Independence
  • Drive
  • Excellence 

Presentation: We encourage students to wear their uniform with pride and understand the need to look smart for interviews and formal situations. Students are taught to use positive language and to be an inspiration to others, by demonstrating a positive and respectful attitude. We also expect students to present their work neatly in class and when completing examinations.

Resilience: We teach students that learning is not easy and we all need to develop a positive mind set when something is difficult. We all make mistakes; it is how we bounce back from mistakes that make us more resilient and motivated learners.

Independence: We encourage students to be innovative in the methods they choose to complete tasks and not just rely on others to inform learning. Independent learners are more confident and will aspire to choose harder challenges.

Drive: We encourage students to go above and beyond what they learn in the classroom. Students who attend enrichment sessions or take part in activities outside the Academy often show drive, passion and have big aspirations for the future.

Excellence: We strive for excellence for our students in relation to academic achievement, behaviour, attendance and engagement in the life of the school.

Our staff are dedicated to Quality First Teaching and fully committed to improving the life chances of our students. As a TEEP (Teacher Effectiveness Enhancement Programme) Ambassador School all staff are TEEP Level 1 trained.

The Academy makes a positive contribution to the local community and we feel that we have been successful in creating a learning environment that promotes a knowledge and understanding of diverse cultural backgrounds, belief systems and global issues.

As well as using our website to find out about the Academy please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to arrange a visit and an opportunity to talk to staff and students.