Being on time to school is important, being on time to all lessons is important!

For your child, being late could be the difference between knowing the vital information asked on an exam paper or improving their work. If your child is routinely late to school they are missing out on their learning and affecting their attendance. If your child is 5 minutes late every day they miss 3 days of school in a year. If they are 30 minutes late every day they miss 19 days of school.

Tutors are monitoring minutes late in their tutor group and if your child has over 15 minutes late in a week to school or lessons, you will be informed. Your child’s tutor will also have a conversation with you to find out if there is anything causing the lateness that we can support with. Persistent lateness to school or lessons is a major concern and we will be working with students and parents to make sure this reduces this term.

It can be difficult for parents to monitor lateness when they are busy on a morning with the family or work, which is why we will be communicating this information to your regularly.

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