Exploring the performing arts

Gabrielle – year 11

Gabrielle produced 2 fantastic presentations for her BTEC performing Arts component “exploring the performing arts” The amount of detail and research that she had put into her presentations was excellent. Her presentations were awarded the highest grade possible, distinction and she should be very proud of her work. Her work contained 38 power point slides, here is a small example of some of her work. Thank you, Mrs Skidmore.









Bethany and Jasmyne – year 7

Year 7 students are currently working on a Roald Dahl project where they are taking some of their favourite characters and making up short plays which they are performing to their class. Bethany and Jasmyne always enjoy making their own costumes to make their performances more interesting. This is from an extract they day of Roald Dahl’s The Witches.






Year 10 students – Holly and Teigan

Both these students are very reflective when it comes to evaluating their own progress whilst studying the BTEC Performing Arts course. They set themselves targets and constantly reflect on what progress they are making towards their targets. The level of confidence has improved massively over the past few months. You can see on their work that they have asked for both peer and teacher feedback and have described how they have made progress towards their targets. Well done keep up the good work!