At Freebrough we will strive to provide a welcoming, caring environment where each member of the Academy community feels secure and has a real sense of belonging. For each student to achieve their true potential, a high level of attendance and punctuality is essential. We will work consistently to ensure that all students achieve maximum attendance and work in partnership with students, families and external agencies to ensure that each student attends regularly and punctually.

We expect the following from students:

To attend school every day to support them in making progress in all lessons

To be punctual to school and arrive before the start of the Academy day

We expect the following from parents/carers:

  • To ensure that their children attend the Academy regularly and punctually
  • To inform the Academy of the legitimate reason for the absence on the first day of the absence and all subsequent days of absence. Parents/carers can telephone the Academy’s Attendance Assistant.
  • If an attendance text alert is sent the parent can reply to inform the Academy of a reason for absence
  • To attend meetings when invited to do so
  • To inform the Academy of situations that may affect attendance in advance of the absence and provide appropriate evidence, e.g. medical issues, students from travelling families
  • To not remove their children from school for holidays or other unnecessary absences

What parents/carers and students can expect from the Academy:

  • To have clear policies and procedures in place for accurate recording, supporting and improving student attendance at the Academy
  • A framework that defines agreed roles and responsibilities and promotes consistency across the Academy in carrying out designated tasks
  • Early contact (phone call/text message) with parents/carers (and secondary contacts if needed) when a student fails to attend the Academy without providing good reason, or when post registration truancy is suspected
  • A range of strategies to support attendance and improve individual student attendance
  • To celebrate and reward good attendance

Why is Our Target is 96%

Our attendance target for all students is 96%.We recognise that sometimes students are not able to attend due to valid medical reasons or illness and this is reflected in our target. However we encourage all of our students to aim high and know that the majority are more than capable of achieving or exceeding this figure. When a student has an attendance figure that is below our target it will affect their attainment and progress significantly. Attendance to school is also affected by lateness, persistent lateness will affect your child’s attendance and in turn their attainment and progress.