The governance arrangements for Teesside Learning Trust, as detailed in the Articles of Association, are set out below:


Members are subscribers to the Memorandum and Articles of Association and no changes may be made without Member approval. Members oversee the achievement of the Company’s objects and have the responsibility of appointing up to seven directors. Members also have the power to remove such directors.

The minimum number of Members within the Trust is three.

The Members of Teesside Learning Trust are:

Professor Graham Henderson
Mr Kevin Fletcher
Mrs Heather Ashton
Mr John Baker (as Chair of the Board of Trustees)

Board of Trustees

Trustees manage the academies on behalf of the Trust, through undertaking the core functions as detailed in the The Department for Education (DfE) Governance Handbook ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction; holding the Chief Executive to account for the educational performance of the academies and its students and the performance management of staff; and overseeing the financial performance of the Trust and making sure its money is well spent. Trustees also need to ensure that the Trust complies with charity and company law and operates within the Funding Agreement that has been signed with the Secretary of State.

The Articles of Association state that the Board of Trustees shall have the following composition:

• Chief Executive
• Up to 7 Trustees appointed by Members
• A minimum of 2 Parent Trustees if there is no presence on Local Academy Councils

There is also the facility for the Trustees appointed by Members to appoint Co-opted Trustees.

Trustees (apart from the Chief Executive) shall have a 4 year term of office and can be re-elected at the end of the term.

The current membership of the Board of Trustees is detailed below.

Name Appointed by Term of office start date Term of office end date or date stepped down (R)
Mr John Baker (Chair) Members 19 July 2020 18 July 2024
Mr Jonathan Anthony Members 19 July 2020 18 July 2024
Mrs June Foxton (Interim CEO) (Accounting Officer) Ex-Officio 01 March 2019 N/A
Ms Pat White Members 19 July 2020 18 July 2024
Mr Andrew Haslam Members 17 October 2020 16 October 2024
Reverend Adam Gaunt Members 19 March 2018 18 March 2022
Mrs Rachel Price Co-opted 14 May 2018 13 May 2022

There is one sub-committees of the Board of Trustees;

The Finance and Resources Committee
provides detailed scrutiny of reports, policies and advice on matters relating to financial and resourcing aspects of the Trust under the terms of the Trust’s Scheme of Financial Delegation.  The Finance and Resources Committee also provides detailed scrutiny and production of reports, policies and advice on matters relating to Human Resources aspects of the Trust.


Mr Jonathan Baker
Mrs June Foxton
Mr Andrew Haslam
Mrs Rachel Price



Attendance Records at Members and Trustees Meetings 2019-2020

Board of Trustees

Trustee Meetings Attended Out of a possible
Anthony, Jonathan 5 5
Baker, John (Chair) 5 5
Halbert, Linda ( R ) 2 2
Haslam, Andrew 5 5
White, Patricia 5 5
Price, Rachel 5 5
Gaunt, Reverend Adam 5 5
Foxton, June 5 5

Finance and Resources Committee Attendance

Trustee Meetings Attended Out of a possible
Baker, John 5 5
Haslam, Andrew (Chair) 5 5
Price, Rachel 5 5
Foxton, June 5 5