Academy Priorities

Here are just some of the changes we’ve made so far.

What is a RAG meeting and how does it improve teaching and learning?

Our Priorities 2018-2019 are:

Improve Safeguarding 

  • Governors and Senior Leaders are appropriately trained so that they can check the monitoring of the academy’s safeguarding procedures effectively to be sure that all pupils are safe
  • All pupils on alternative placements are kept safe at all times and that procedures to register pupils’ absence and attendance are maintained correctly

Improve progress for HAP/SEND/PP learners

  • Ensure that all pupils, including those of higher ability, those with special educational needs and those in receipt of Pupil Premium make at least good progress in all subjects and across all year groups, by:
    • using accurate assessment information in a consistent manner to bring about well-targeted intervention and planning
    • developing pupils’ ability to work hard on challenging concepts for significant periods of time
    • requiring pupils to think much more deeply about their learning by responding to carefully planned questioning

Improve teaching in Science

  • Improve the quality of the leadership of teaching and learning in science so that the quality of provision is at least in line with the developing improvements in English and mathematics.
  • Improve the teaching of science so that the quality of provision is at least in line with the developing improvements in English and mathematics

Improve the quality of leadership

  • Leaders are taking rapid action to address any remaining inadequate teaching or subject leadership
  • Ensure that the curriculum for all pupils is broad and balanced and that no pupil is denied equality of opportunity because specialist teachers and high quality provision are unavailable
  • Meet the requirements to ensure that the academy takes seriously its responsibility to promote understanding and respect for people of different sexual orientations.
  • Establish strong community links with parents, local primaries, partnerships and networks

Improve Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare

  • Ensure that attendance and Persistent Absence rapidly improve to at least national levels
  • Significantly reduce Fixed-Term Exclusions to at least national levels