If Your Child is Absent

First day response explained

If your child is absent from school then we kindly ask that you make it a priority to contact the attendance team on the morning of the first day of absence, so that we know that your child is safe. There is a messaging system assigned to the ‘student absence’ number so that if no one is available to take your call then you can leave a message. If your child is absent for more than one day then we would politely ask that you contact us on each day of absence.

If we have not heard from you by mid-morning will when attempt to contact you to establish the reason behind your child’s absence. If we have difficulties contacting you then we will try ‘secondary contacts’ and/or send a text message of concern. You are able to reply to this text. If you would like to send an email explaining your child’s absence then the address is ‘info@thornabyacademy.org.uk’.

If we have not had any contact on subsequent days of absence then the same process will apply. If no contact has been established by the fifth day of absence then a home visit will be carried out.

What to do if your Child is Absent from School

On occasions when you have sought medical advice for your child it would be extremely helpful if you could provide evidence of this. It may be in the form of an appointment card, a prescription or some medication. This can then be copied and remain in the student’s file to support their absence.

We understand that students may need to attend medical appointments. We would ask that you try and schedule these appointments outside of the normal school day so that it does not impact on your child’s learning. However on occasions when this is not possible we would ask that you provide some form of medical evidence to support your child’s absence. This is turn means that the absence can be noted as ‘authorised’.