Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Overview
At Thornaby academy, the curriculum is at the heart of our core purpose.  We aim to develop a broad,
balanced and agile curriculum across all phases of education within the Academy.  The curriculum at
each phase is based upon the requirements of the National Curriculum as well as the knowledge we
have of the context of our academy and the stage of development of our young people.  The
curriculum at Thornaby Academy is made up of the Knowledge, Skills and Aptitudes that will
provide a deep and meaningful learning experience for our young people, underpinned by an effective
assessment framework.  Teachers use timely assessments to identify gaps in skills and knowledge
and in turn inform what is taught and when.

Our curriculum will enable young people to develop and transfer the knowledge, skills, confidence and
attitudes needed to lead a happy and successful life in an ever changing world.  We are passionate
about developing outstanding curriculum provision that leads to the achievement of outstanding
progress and academic outcomes regardless of ability, gender, social background, special
educational need or ethnic origin.

Using our three week transition programme and extensive professional development, our staff have
produced a curriculum that builds seamlessly on the end points of the primary curriculum. This means
that students make progression from the minute they join us in year 7.

Our curriculum will enable young people to be numerate and literate.  Children will leave as confident
writers and readers as well as being responsible and confident users of ICT.  The curriculum will
develop in young people a passion for the arts and enable them to develop a global perspective,
which instils within them the curiosity to want to know more and about what has shaped our world in
the past and what will shape it in the future.   It will support young people to understand what affects
their physical and mental well-being, supporting them to develop the healthy lifestyle that will protect
them throughout their life.  Our curriculum will provide the opportunities for our young people to play a
positive and active part in their school and local communities.  This will be as leaders and as positive
citizens through opportunities to develop their personal skills and qualities as well as raising levels of
aspiration and ambition from an early age and maintaining it through Key Stage 3 and 4.

To ensure that students in Thornaby Academy are able to thrive in the global economy of the
21 st Century we believe passionately in providing outstanding Careers Education, Advice and
Guidance (CEIAG) and within our curriculum we look to embed the eight Gatsby benchmarks. CEIAG
will be delivered progressively through the curriculum from KS3 to KS4.  At Key Stage 3 we provide
discrete curriculum time for LEEP (Learner Effectiveness and Enterprise Programme).  Our PSHE
curriculum enables students to develop a growth mind set through business and enterprise activities.

Through our work in CEIAG, young people will develop an extended knowledge of the world of work
and have the opportunity to develop the skills that employers value such as teamwork,
communication and adaptability as well as literacy and numeracy.  Our curriculum will have an
emphasis on the growth areas in the Tees Valley over the next thirty years including; STEM, Health,
Digital and Creative Media, as well as growing the entrepreneurs of the future.

The young people are at the heart of the curriculum at Thornaby Academy and this requires the
curriculum content and delivery model to be flexible and as personalised as it can be. Students are
able follow different pathways depending on their needs at any given time. To help students in Year 9
to make an informed personalised choice with their options they will be given the opportunity to study
some subjects in greater depth through our preference curriculum. This allows the students to be able
to make more informed decision about whether they would like to continue with this subject at KS4.
Our curriculum philosophy is underpinned by the elements of our PRIDE values:


  • Presentation – Our students strive to ensure the work they do is the best they can
    possibly achieve.
  • Respect – The curriculum actively promotes the core British values of democracy, rule of
    law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance for those of different faiths, beliefs
    and sexuality. We understand that we are all equal and should be treated this way. We
    understand that simple acts of kindness can go a long way in our school and community.
  •  Independence – The curriculum allows our students to understand that they are the
    driving force behind their learning journeys. Young people understand that they must
    seek out opportunities and make of those that they are offered to improve, understanding
    going the extra mile is the key to being successful.
  •  Determination – Through high quality teaching and an engaging and motivating
    curriculum our students will develop a passion for learning. Our curriculum offers
    challenge to our students so that they have the opportunity to develop the qualities of grit,
    and determination when they are faced with a challenges in their learning.  Their mistakes
    are celebrated as part of their learning journey to success.
  • Excellence – Throughout our curriculum our students are striving for excellence. They
    understand that excellence is a result of hard work and commitment and the ability to look
    at barriers as opportunities.

Lesson Timetable

You can check which lessons your child has each day using the timetable information below. You can find out whether it is Week A or B by checking our home page.

Timetable Monday - A

Timetable Monday - B

Timetable Tuesday - A

Timetable Tuesday - B

Timetable Wednesday - A

Timetable Wednesday - B

Timetable Thursday - A

Timetable Thursday - B

Timetable Friday - A

Timetable Friday - B


There is an enrichment programme which offers students opportunities to extend their learning through a wide range of clubs and activities available either during or at the end of the school day. Please click here to find out more.

Year 9 Options

Options Booklet 2018

Year 9 Pathways Form 2018

The booklet attached above is very important, it tells you about the courses you will follow during Year 9. For the first time some students will be able to choose one of the subjects they will study at school. Making the right choice is important. You should read the whole booklet carefully. Listen to the guidance given in school and talk to your parents and teachers before making any decisions.

We aim to provide all students with a broad and balanced curriculum at KS4.  Students in Roseberry and Carlton pathways are encouraged to follow a range of subjects that will allow them to achieve the Ebacc qualification with consists of English, Maths, Sciences, Computing, History, Geography and a Language.  Option choices are reviewed every year to ensure that we are offering the most appropriate subject choices.

The table below shows the choices that are available for our current Year 10 and 11 students.