Humanutopia is a people first development company who have been working with the staff and students at Thornaby Academy since we joined the Teesside Learning Trust in September 2016.  With the help of their inspirational team members and humorous, but hard hitting ‘HU R U?’ interventions, humanutopia have been encouraging the students and staff of the Academy to stop and reflect on their lives so far and think about their hopes and dreams for the future. These interventions have allowed students to understand the impact their communication has on relationships and how this ultimately allows or restricts their growth as individuals and communities.

Working in partnership with humanutopia, all of our Year 7 students took part in the ‘Who Am I?’ day in December, in which our students were challenged to open up and be honest with both the humanutopia team and themselves. In one inspiring day, we targeted hope, confidence, happiness, relationships and employability, leaving everyone involved feeling great and ready to tackle the daily challenges they face.

Our Year 9 students are trained to be ‘Heroes’ – a role which stretches them to be inspirational role models to our younger students. Through a series of training days, our Heroes are in a position by July to organise and run ‘Harmony Camp’ – a three day programme of workshops and activities for our Year 6 students during their transition from primary to secondary school.