Ofsted Monitoring Visit

On 31 January Her Majesty’s Inspector, Malcolm Kirtley, conducted a monitoring visit to Thornaby Academy in response to the concerns raised about Safeguarding in the Section 5 Inspection in June 2016. Teesside Learning Trust is very proud to report that the findings of the Inspection reflect all of the hard work by staff and students since September 2016 to improve the leadership, policy and practice within the Academy.  We were delighted to receive the letter from Ofsted that highlights the good practice and states that Safeguarding is now effective.

Ofsted reported that: “New leaders have worked strenuously to rectify the ineffectiveness of safeguarding identified at the section 5 inspection in June 2016. Leaders have developed a visible safeguarding culture where heightened awareness of pupil welfare permeates many aspects of school life.”

 The Inspector met with students and asked them about their experiences in the Academy. Students stated:  “that behaviour at school was better and that the new system of rewards was encouraging more positive attitudes.”

The Inspector also went on to report: “The school has worked with a number of partners to build more positive learning behaviours and relationships. Partner organisations have worked directly with pupils to build self-awareness and self-esteem, along with more positive attitudes to behaviour and learning.”

Previous issues in relation to attendance monitoring for students in alternative provision was scrutinised. Ofsted found that: “Attendance monitoring procedures are now robust and accurate.”

In relation to the small number of students in alternative provision Ofsted stated: “There is clear evidence that the attendance of these pupils is checked and any concerns swiftly addressed.”

Ofsted also recognised the work being done to ensure that the culture and climate for learning is positive and based on mutual respect. A tremendous amount of work that has been undertaken to develop the curriculum and the Academy PRIDE values and this was identified as strength.  Ofsted report that: “Leaders have strengthened the curriculum to actively raise staff and pupils’ awareness of key equalities. Pupils and teachers have developed a set of values based on mutual respect. The revised curriculum has already addressed a number of key safeguarding issues, including sexual relationships, unhealthy relationships, mental health and rights and responsibilities.

Linda Halbert, CEO of Teesside Learning Trust said: “I am very proud of the staff and students at Thornaby. The improvements we have made are down to their hard work and commitment.  Since we took over as Sponsors in September 2016 we have brought into Thornaby Academy some outstanding leaders from across the Trust.  Alongside staff and students they are really beginning to make the necessary improvements to those areas identified as inadequate in June 2016.”

Thornaby Academy Ofsted Monitoring Visit Letter