Student Home Study Timetable

Students need to follow their own class timetable. These are listed below in Year Groups. For example if your child is in 8X, follow 8X Timetable. All work has been set on Google Classroom or via the Website. Students facing any issues with the work should try the following:

1. Read all information carefully and closely
2. Read all resources carefully and closely
3. Check your understanding with someone you trust

If students are still facing issues with the work, contact the class teacher via “comments on Google Classroom” or email.

we are putting arrangements in place to monitor the completion of work set, support students to submit their work and providing feedback on completed work.

Year 7 Timetable
Year 8 Timetable
Year 9 Timetable
Year 10 Timetable

Year 11 students should be completing coursework for all relevant subjects.

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