Teaching and Learning

Teacher Effectiveness Enhancement Programme

Teachers make an enormous difference to the lives of students- we can all remember the impact that significant teachers have had on our lives.

Without excellent teaching, excellent learning cannot happen. At Thornaby Academy our aim is to provide the very best in terms of teaching so that outstanding learning can take place. With this in mind we have embarked upon a four year teacher development programme called TEEP. The programme is delivered by the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust and is designed to embrace current and recent initiatives in teaching and learning and apply them to our specific situation.

What is TEEP and how is it helping us to become the best we can be?

TEEP is the Teacher Effectiveness and Enhancement Programme and is rooted in evidence based research on effective teaching and learning. It aims to support schools to provide the best possible learning experiences for our young people.

The Aims of TEEP at Thornaby Academy are to:

  • Give staff a common language for planning, teaching and evaluating learning
  • Encompass and build upon everything that we do that we know makes teaching and learning better
  • Enable excellent progression within a lesson and across a series of lessons in order to raise achievement for all
  • Raise the number of “good”and “outstanding lessons
  • Provide staff with excellent development opportunities

Please feel free to click through to www.teep.org.uk for more information.

 Thornaby Academy – The Impact of TEEP

Our aspiration at Thornaby is to be ‘Outstanding’. We know it is a long and challenging journey but we are committed to achieving this goal. Improving the quality of teaching and learning continues to be a priority and since the Academy became part of Teesside Learning Trust in September 2016, part of our improvement work has involved teachers working collaboratively and attending CPD sessions regularly. TEEP has enabled us to build on effective practice by providing a framework with a common language and set of principles, to draw all aspects of teaching and learning together in a consistent manner so that it is sustainable.

Curriculum areas have adopted the TEEP cycle for short term planning and delivery. A TEEP cycle PowerPoint has been designed, shared and used in most lessons so a common language has been developed.  TEEP strategies engage students in more active learning.

We have a strong focus on joint planning, where staff have the opportunity to work with others outside of their specialism to share and create lessons. As a MAT we share not only across subjects but also across key stages; primary and secondary colleagues come together to share, create and adapt ideas to enhance their practice.

CPD at Thornaby Academy has three different strands. All of which aim to cater to staff individual needs which are identified through performance management and the scrutiny of a range of evidence. This ensures that staff have access to CPD which addresses the areas for development they need to improve practice.

This first strand is focused on behaviour management, with all staff receiving regular training on behaviour management strategies.

The second strand focuses on how to continue to develop as an effective practitioner in the classroom. These sessions are delivered using TEEP and are then supported by time in TEAMs and as individuals to embed the themes.

The third strand is a monthly Teaching and Learning Bulletin. This informs staff of current research and directs to Blogs to widen their horizons on current developments and their impacts.

Coaching Plan

At Thornaby Academy we are also very proud of our coaching plan, which has been introduced = to support staff with specifically identified development areas, to ensure that all our pupils receive outstanding learning opportunities. This involves 6 coaches selected from a pool of outstanding practitioners.  This includes our Pivotal leader, Mr Richard Gaston, who works to support behaviour management. Our TEEP level 3 trainer, Miss Laura Travis, who works with a particular focus on planning and delivering effective lessons to ensure outstanding progress. Our Lead practitioners in English, Miss Teri Battista, Maths Mrs Henri Yeoman and Technology Mrs Karen Matthews. We also have Miss Dawn White, our subject lead for History, who supports staff with strategies to create challenge, through pace and differentiation, something she has consistently used in her own practice to produce exam results above national averages.

Lead Practitioner Programme

The Lead Practitioner (LP) programme celebrates and motivates effective teachers on an individual basis, especially ones who lead others to develop themselves.

A rigorous process of self-reflection and evaluation, Lead Practitioner Accreditation improves the individual’s professional skills and expertise.

The programme is made up of a framework of professional standards and a process of accreditation that has been designed by the profession, for the profession.

It recognises the skills, experience and qualities of school staff at every level, serving to embed and extend teaching and learning that impacts positively on learners.

At Teesside Learning Trust we know that TEEP is here to stay and we are looking forward to the start of the next phase of our journey as a TEEP training school.