The Update

Thornaby Academy’s Official Newsletter

The UpdateThornaby Academy’s latest news can be found published in the Thornaby Pride, your community news from Thornaby Town Council.

The Update features all of the Academy’s latest news including Welcome from the Principal.

If possible make sure you pick up a copy of the Thornaby Pride so you can read The Update and all of the news about what has been happening in your local community!

All of the newsletters can be found below for you to view online (from September 2016).

Thornaby Pride 2016/2017 Issue 1

Thornaby Pride 2016/2017 Issue 2

Thornaby Pride 2016/2017 Issue 3

Thornaby Pride 2016/2017 Issue 4

Thornaby Pride 2017/2018 Issue 1

Thornaby Pride 2017/2018 Issue 2

Thornaby Pride 2017/2018 Issue 3

Thornaby Pride 2017/2018 Issue 4

Thornaby Pride 2018/2019 Issue 1

Thornaby Pride 2018/2019 Issue 2

Thornaby Pride 2019 Issue 3