Thornaby Academy Weekly Update 24-04-2020

24 April 2020

Thornaby Academy Weekly Update

Dear Parent/Carer

We hope this finds you and your family safe and well. On behalf of the staff, I would like to thank you for continuing to support the Academy during the national Lockdown. We have enjoyed finding out about how you are incorporating the role of teacher into your daily family routines. Home learning is a challenge, but please keep up the excellent work by encouraging your child to complete the work that teachers have set.

Home Studying
This week the Government has launched a national on-line learning resource to provide additional support for families getting to grips with home learning. The link to this website is below and offers resources for Year 7 to Year 10 students. Some of these may be similar to those that our staff are already providing so they can be used in addition to the work teachers are setting rather than instead of it.

Teachers are continuing to update the work set using Google Classroom every week. Please continue to check that your child is completing the work and then remind them to submit it to their teacher via Google Classroom or email. There are paper copies of resources available should you need them. Please let us know if you require these by contacting the Academy by email on or by telephone on 01642 763244.

Virtual Awards
Last week we launched our ‘Virtual Awards’ to congratulate those students who had impressed their teachers and gone above and beyond. Every Friday, the names of the students receiving an award will be posted on our social media pages so keep a look out for those. We are also in the process of uploading examples of the work our students have produced to share with you to prove that learning is not on lockdown!

Year 11
As you are aware, Year 11 have now finished their studies. Although they will not sit exams this summer, they will have the opportunity, should they wish to do so, to sit them in the autumn term or next year. Instead of exams, teachers will send predicted grades to exam boards. At the moment, teachers are busy gathering evidence that includes students’ work to submit these predictions. It may mean that some of the work your Year 11 child has at home could be needed to strengthen the evidence bank that staff are collating; it does not mean that your Year 11 child has to complete additional work. If your child is asked to drop off work including completed or partially completed coursework, practice exam papers or even exercise books, then please follow social distancing guidelines and only bring this work to the Academy when it is safe to do so. Please contact the Academy by email on or by telephone on 01642 763244, if there are any issues with dropping off work.

Mental Health & Well Being
We are continuing to provide our counselling services by telephone during Lockdown. We also regularly update our website and social media pages with information on local and national organisations that are supporting those who need it in these unprecedented times. If you would like any additional information on any of these services, then please let us know by contacting the Academy by email on or by telephone on 01642 763244.

Free School Meals Supermarket Vouchers
We are delighted with the positive responses we have from parents regarding the supermarket vouchers scheme. These are distributed weekly by post to all families with children who are eligible for a Free School Meal. These vouchers can be used at Asda for age-appropriate essentials and groceries. If you did not receive your vouchers or think that you are eligible, please do not hesitate to contact us by email on or by telephone on 01642 763244.

Keeping in Touch
Thank you to all of those families who have sent positive messages about the support the Academy has offered during Lockdown, not only to those with children of front-line workers in school, but also to those who are isolated at home. It is thanks too to all staff at Thornaby Academy that we are able to keep in contact with every one of our students. Every week, we make a welfare call to ensure that all is well with families and that students are accessing their learning without any issues. These calls mean that we have been able to provide additional support for families where needed. Please remember, you do not have to wait for your call if there is an issue your child is facing; do not hesitate to contact us if you need to. You can do this by email on or by telephone on 01642 763244.

On behalf of staff, please stay safe.

Yours faithfully

D Butcher

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