Thornaby’s Rocket Racers

This year saw an exciting competition at Thornaby Academy – making and racing rocket cars! All of Year 7 were involved in designing, building and racing their own rocket-propelled cars.

The national competition called Race to the Line was ran by the RAF and has been devised by the engineers responsible for designing and making the Bloodhound Car – a car they are developing to reach a land speed of over 1000 mph. In late March, the RAF came to Thornaby Academy and raced all of our rocket cars – a truly exciting morning that included a drone to take photos of the event.

Our winning three teams then went into the regional school’s final at RAF Leeming in the summer term where they faced 80 other teams and had to design and build a new car from scratch in only 90 minutes – teachers were strictly not allowed to help. Our students did us extremely proud and although we did not win the regional final we came very close. RAF Sgt Kevin Stannard commented on the extremely good manners of our students and told us we had the best design for our axle that he had seen throughout the entire competition. Well done Year 7!

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