Uniform Expectations

At Thornaby Academy, we have the highest expectations of students and we know that when these expectations
are met consistently, learning and progress for all students are maximised. To ensure that these expectations are
consistently met, we will be introducing a new Conduct System on Wednesday 4th November when students return
from the half-term break.
The purpose of these changes is to ensure that:
▪ The focus in every classroom is on learning and maximising progress
▪ Every student is responsible for managing their own behaviour so that learning is not disrupted
▪ Provide a consistent whole school approach to managing disruption in lessons
▪ Implement a system whereby negative conduct has consequences and positive conduct results in praise
Conduct System
This system will be used in all classrooms to ensure that learning is not disrupted and that all classroom expectations
and school rules are being met by all students. These will be recorded on the Conduct Board at the front of every
classroom and on Class Charts. Please download the Class Charts application so that you are able to track your
child’s learning and conduct in real time throughout the school day.
C1 – first verbal warning
C2- second verbal warning
C3- third verbal warning
C4 – removal from classroom to the Reflections room for the remainder of the lesson
Any students in receipt of a C4 will need to attend a C4 detention after school until 3.30pm. This C4 detention will
take place on either the same day if the incident took place in the morning or the next school day if the incident
took place in the afternoon. Parents will be contacted by a Learning Manager to inform them if a C4 has been
issued and when the detention is scheduled to take place.
If a student does not attend an after school detention or does not behave appropriately during the detention, then
a C5 will be issued.
C5 – This will result in the student spending a half day in the Reflection room followed by an after school detention
Failure to complete the C5 detention will result in a full day in the Reflection room followed by an after school
detention and failure to complete this will result in a fixed term exclusion.
School Uniform and Mobile Phones
To ensure that all students are ready for learning as soon as the school day begins, students need to be in full school
uniform and have mobile phones switched off and stowed safely away before they enter the building. Please be
reminded that mobile phones are not allowed in school. Students accessing their mobile phone during the school
day will have it confiscated and then returned at the end of the school day.
Please find enclosed a reminder of the Academy’s uniform expectations. The wearing of uniform plays a valuable
role in contributing to the ethos of the Academy and in setting the tone for our work with students and we greatly
appreciate your support in ensuring that your child is in full school uniform every day. Please be reminded that
trainers are not part of our uniform policy.
These changes to the Conduct System reflect our high expectations of our students and your high expectations of
us. With your support, these changes will ensure that your child is always ready for learning; it will prevent lowlevel disruption and enable all students to make excellent progress and achieve their potential.


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