Year 11 Information GCSE Grades

6 April 2020

Dear Parent/Carer,

The Department for Education has issued new information for schools, parents and students regarding the assessment of GCSE and other Level 2 qualifications. This information provides detailed guidance to schools to ensure that all grades submitted to exam boards are accurate, fair and objective.
Please find below a summary of the information about Y11 grades. The full guidance can be found here:

Calculating Grades
Students will be given a grade for every subject by the school. This grade will be rooted in evidence from class work, home work, course work (if applicable) and mock exams. The grade will also take into account any concession arrangements in place or mitigating circumstances. Grades will be submitted to exam boards after 29 May 2020.

There is no longer any requirement for your child to complete extra work, homework or coursework at home.

Students will not be penalised for having incomplete coursework. Instead, schools have been asked to use their professional judgement to provide a grade for the work based on what a student would have achieved had it been completed. Teachers will retain coursework in case it is needed should a student decide to re-take the exam in the future.

Exam Boards
Exam boards will use a range of information to standardise grades. This includes students’ prior attainment, in other words Key Stage 2 results, students’ target grades and the school’s previous results in every subject. Schools will not be expected to submit students’ work as evidence of the grade submitted, but they will be expected to retain this work.

The usual arrangements for appeals and/or remarks will not apply this year. Exam boards will provide more information on these arrangements in due course. Students will have, however, the opportunity to re-take any of their exams in autumn 2020 or summer 2021, should they wish to do so.

I appreciate that you may have lots of questions to ask or points to make. Please do not hesitate to contact the Academy by email at or by telephone on 01642 76324 if you wish to discuss further. Please be aware that staff will not be able to give you any information on your child’s grades. This information is confidential and will remain as such until the final results are published in August 2020.

Yours faithfully

D Butcher

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